Monday, May 24, 2010

My Ultimate Crush

So I bet you are all wondering what I will talk about today. My wide range of topics I just can not wait to talk about!! But I told you about my kids so I think it only fair to talk about my ultimate crush.

DH and I actually met on a UMO chat room. Funny huh?? I was visiting a friend of mine up at the campus. he had marching band practice and it was raining out so I logged on to the campus chat site - in all actuality looking for a party to go to that night. I know the safest thing I ever thought of.

Anyway, DH and I started talking. He of course was heading out of town but was having a party the next following weekend. I chatted with him for a while but it wasn't really any fun. After all I was 20 and wanted to party!! But I was polite and gave him my ICQ number. Does ICQ even exist anymore??

DH started to message me on ICQ and before long we were weeks talking on the instant messenger and the phone. He seemed like a really great guy. He invited me up to a party that a few of his friends were having. I travelled the 3 hrs up to the campus - anything was better then laying around my parents house. Imagine DH's surprise when I actually showed up.

Of course he was still in class at the time - bummer - so I waited in my car. First his roommate showed up - thank goodness it wasn't him!!! Not that CM wasn't attractive - he was actually most girls dream - but he was on a "crotch rocket" which is a huge turn off for me!! (If only I knew he was going to be a big shot Harvard Doctor someday!!)

Anyway, DH and I didn't really hit it off when we first met face to face. I was the live free and happy type with really no responsibilities and he was the all serious student belonging to the all boys club. I mean me - dating a guy who played golf every chance he got, wore collared shirts and actually studied. My parents dream but wasn't exactly my scene. Nor I his to tell you the truth - some girl ready to party, smelling of tobacco and sporting a tattoo. We weren't exactly compatible.

DH took me out for Chinese and to a UMaine Hockey game. This was back when the team was unbeatable. I actually had a great time!! After the game DH's college buddies were throwing a party. There was always a "my" type at any party and it didn't take long for me to dump DH and give a stranger a ride back to campus. I think I sat in front of the guys dorm for an hour or so talking about just about everything. I don't even remember the guys name much less what he looked like. After I dropped him off I tried to get off campus. Do you know how easy it is to get lost on a small campus when your eyes are deep red and bloodshot?? Needless to say I was as paranoid as they came. Especially, when the cop pulled out in back of me. Thank goodness shortly after I found the exit and the right one to were DH was living at the time.

So here I was with my beet red eyes and endless smile knocking on DH's door at 3a. But I couldn't really drive home at that point and I needed to find a place to sleep and DH seemed like a pretty responsible guy. After like an hour of listening to his Best Friend telling DH I was not worth it I decided to crash on the floor in DH's living room. I stole the blanket from some guy who was sleeping on the couch - kicked the beer bottles off the side and slept really good on the floor. See the great thing about smoking rather then drinking is the next day you have no lasting effects of the night before so I was out the door before anyone woke up.

The whole ride home I was really starting to feel bad about how I had treated DH. Then a few days of him not calling or messaging me made me feel even worse. So I made the first move and called him to apologize for my behavior. I invited him down to visit me the next following weekend, he said "maybe". I was pretty sure he would not travel down - but I had said my peace so whatever.

But he actually showed up. Said he was having a little tiff with one of his roommates and had nothing better to do. We spent the whole weekend together talking and enjoying each others company. He was fabulous - very understanding and very attentive. Now girls love it when they are pampered - and that's what he was doing. Treating me like I was a goddess. I think I loved him then - but if I didn't I certainly had a major crush!!

DH learned quickly over the months how much I enjoyed being a "kid" (even though I would turn 21 at the end of the year). I partied with him and his friends every weekend, traveled back home in order to work come Monday morning. It was all worth it.

Now DH had 3 roommates - we will call them Pretty Boy (CM I mentioned earlier), Vitamin Junky (he really was) and Shady (someone I would consider "my people"). I loved them all - they were so different from one another it was funny - but they had all been friends throughout High School and now college. How is it that boys can be good friends with people who are so unlike them?? Girls can not do that!! We need people we have a lot in common with, people who experience the same things - but guys they can be friends with Joe Schmoe off the street. Weird.

I had so many great times that year with DH and roommates.

One night I decided to surprise him and show up and make dinner. LOL - sorry I really do have to laugh. I was making pasta with red sauce. I left the room to have a cigarette down in the basement (Shady's domain) and when I got back to the kitchen it was all red. Seriously, ALLLLL Red. the sauce had essentially boiled and exploded all over the house. DH walked in when I was up on the counter top wiping red sauce off the cabinets. He didn't get mad though - he laughed and he helped me clean it up. Needless to say we ate out that night!!

Then there was the night I just had to have that cigarette so I went down to the basement, the only place you could smoke in the house, also Shady's domain. To tell you the truth I was soo drunk at that point I had no idea how I managed getting down there. After my cigarette I decided I was too loopy to maneuver myself back to DH's room, so I just crawled in bed with Shady. I fell asleep. I think it took like an hour before DH realized I hadn't come back. I can only imagine what he thought when he came downstairs and saw me in bed with his roommate.

There were lots of afternoons wasted playing pool with Pretty Boy - I think he liked the fact I never hit on him. Like I said - not really into the pretty boy thing.

By the end of the fall semester DH's roommates were treating me like one of the guys. DH was treating me like a goddess. Spoiling me with affection at every corner.

We were definitely not your typical match. But I think we were a strong one. He mellowed my party girl ways and I helped him relax a little and live life.

That was all in 1999. We were married in 2002. DH and I are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary today May 26th!

Happy anniversary to my ultimate crush! I love you with all my heart! :' )

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