Friday, May 21, 2010

Bag Lady

Sometimes I wonder why Mom's were not gifted with 4, 5, maybe even 6 arms. I mean seriously how do we handle it all?? I made 3 trips to the car just so that I could visit a friend for the day with my 2 kids. Do we really need all this stuff?? The answer of course is yes!! What would I have done without the 2 changes of clothes that Punka used, or the 3 pacifiers Little Man threw on the ground?

To go out takes at least an hour! I pack my purse and the large diaper bag, shower, dress and then dress 2 screaming children. Don't get me started on the screaming that carries on when its time to dawn the sunscreen!!

Do people look at me strange as I carry my overfilled bag and 2 kids? I imagine I look like a bag lady. Oh how I wish I had the 4, 5 or 6 arms. That would make my life so much easier.

What do these Mom's who have 3+ kids do? If I was them I would seriously think about becoming a hobbit!! If I ever have a #3 please make me revisit this post!

If you see me on the street carrying all my bags please do not judge - I really am trying to be a good Mom.

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