Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Juggle

Now that my MIL and my Mom have gone home I find I am now alone fighting the battle of infant vs toddler. My toddler demands the attention; my infant demands the attention; and for some reason that is unknown to me it all happens at the same time. I can not lie my patience is wearing a bit thin between the sleepless nights and the early mornings. Little Man's endless crying and Punka's puppy whining (yes whining, like a little dog).

Yesterday I lost the juggle.

Little Man was awake most of the night with gas and Punka awoke with a 24 hr stomach bug. I had my hands full to say the least and it was the second time I have found myself in tears since my Little Man came home. 5:20a I gave up the fight and called in reinforcements. My loving Dad traveled the 4 hour trip to give me sanctuary. A sanctuary that was well needed.

I just have to remember that each day and each night will bring something new. For instance Little Man slept 6 hours for me last night, Punka slept 12hrs and now today they are both napping at the same time. A brief breath before the constant activity of the afternoon begins.


  1. Hugs to you, Melissa - I have SO been there! And wow, I'm impressed, it's only the second time you've been in tears? I had that broken within the first three hours home! ;)

    Good for you to call for help when you needed it. I'm always amazed that people come early on to help, then usually leave when you need them the most. Check out and see if you have a LLL group in your areea - there are wonderful moms in mine who are great at coming over and hanging out to help those juggle days...

    Keep up the good work, and get some rest when you can. ((hugs)) ~ Marleina

  2. I have been there too... I still am most days infact! It is rough and nothing can prepare you for it. I was in tears more than I ever expected. Kensi would actually tell me "Why you crying Mommy? It'll be OK." OK or not, it always brought a smile to my face. ((hugs))

  3. Thank you both for the hugs. It does get overwhelming to say the least having 2+ little ones. Deep breaths!!