Saturday, July 23, 2011

oh how time flies!!

Ok So I am so horrible at this blogging stuff!!! don't know how I find the time to check facebook every hour but can not log on to write a few words. Just part of this scattered brain of mine.

So lets bring you up to date:

Punka is now on the verge of turning 4!!! She is no longer my little baby girl. In November of last year she was diagnosed with Verbal Apraxia. You remember that whole Expressive language bit?? yeah not ELD. Turns out Punka has a hard time making sound continuously and frequently. When she makes a sound correctly it is more apt to be a mistake then when she makes a sound incorrectly - if that makes any sense. She has been working with an SLP for quite a while now and we have tried many different approaches - current approach is "silly words" and Punka loves this approach - and we love this approach!! Punka is so animated in her stories and her songs she steals the stage!! And I have to thank it all to "silly words" who would have thought! : )

Little Man is no longer a little man!! He is a chunka munka! Walking - no - running!! About 15 mths now he is all boy. He is a climber, a mud thrower, a wrestler and an altogether brute!! Unlike his is sister he is not a talker. Punka atleast tried to say words. Little Man says "ahh" and thats it. So in came Birth to 3 and low and behold Little Man qualified - in 2 areas of speech. He will start speech services in August.

So 2 kids and 2 speech issues. This gives me pause to start a different blog. Follow Punka & Little Man's progress on my speech blog.

As for me.... The last MRI of my back showed severe degeneration of the L4/L5 disk. It also showed degeneration of the L4 bone and the L5 bone. I have a lot of uncomfortable nights and even worse days. My sciatic nerves are continuously aggravated and PT just doesn't seem to be helping. The Surgeon does not want to do further surgery's due to my age and situation (mom to young kids) so we are taking another route. Gastric Bypass. You may ask "a stomach staple to help the back?" and the answer is yes. There is no secret that I am a big girl. Have always been a big girl. Blame it on eatings, blame it on genes, blame it on PCOS and thyroid all you want but big is big. So the quickest way to relieve some of this back pain is to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. And so I opted for a Gastric Bypass. Follow My progress on my gastric bypass blog.

So with these other blogs going I will probably write even less on this blog - but I will keep it open because sometimes I want to rant!!! : )

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