Sunday, August 1, 2010

Luck - the bad Kind

So recently I was told I have no luck. I just have to say I have plenty of luck its just not always the good kind.

I agree with all the commentary!! I agree that it would be nice for the hard times to stop. But then again with all the bad times it makes me appreciate all the good times so much more.

May I always appreciate:
tucking my Punka into bed
listening to my Little Man coo
appreciating the silence of a summer night
enjoying a red sunset
looking into my DH's eyes and knowing I couldn't be loved more

On Friday my DH was in a serious accident. He had minor injuries, thank goodness he was not hurt severally. Looks like the injury is a bruised Rotator Cuff. I look at the picture of the car and I thank God the story was not happen. The "what ifs" are definitely firghtening. What if the kids were in the car, what if I was in the car?

On Saturday we enjoyed celebrating Punka's birthday, with our closest friend and our loving family. I in my back brace and DH in his sling. But we laughed and we enjoyed.

Sometimes the Bad gets overwhelming, and its hard to stay positive. But the Good - well the Good is so rewarding that we thank God not enough for them.

So I am thinking tonight that I am the luckiest woman in the world! I am lucky that our Bads could be worse and that our Goods could not be better.

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