Saturday, June 5, 2010


Ok so being away from my kiddos is killing me. This is day 5 in the hospital with just quick visits from my kids. It's hard to have a 34mth old and 5 week old in the hospital for long.

Punka called me in tears this morning because she misses me. DH was able to calm her down but it was enough for me to be in endless tears, and they still have not stopped. I just wish I could hold her and assure that Mama is coming home soon. But I can not because she is not here and now I'm shattered.

Little Man has not slept a night since I got admitted. And my milk supply is diminishing from not having the closeness with him. I am missing needed bonding time with him. He should not be to far from me. I feel torn.

I need my kiddos and I am thinking they need me too.

Its amazing how connected moms are to their children. How bruised Moms get when their children are hurt or crying or sad.

This separation is killing me.............

My heart is in pieces.

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  1. Oh, honey, that's awful. Long-distance hugs for you and the kids... can't they have you in a room with the baby? I've had friends who had to go back in when they had a newborn and were able to have the baby with them... of course, they were mobile, though. :(

    I'm sure the stress and emotional trauma isn't helping you get better, either. Have you talked with the hospital social worker? Sometimes they can help to work something out for you.